Hard water is a common problem found in most well and city water.  Hard water has high mineral content.  It is formed when water flows through deposits of limestone and chalk.  Hard water forms “scale” which has many negative effects.

Hard water causes:
  • Clogged pipes and reduced water flow
  • Shortened life of water heaters
  • Increased utility bills
  • A film on faucets and sinks
  • A film on glasses and dishes
  • Clothes may turn gray and dingy which also can reduce the life of clothes
  • Skin to feel dry
  • Hair to be dull and limp
  • Tea and coffee to taste bad

These problems can be avoided by installing a water softener.  A water test can be performed to determine how hard your water is.  Once that is determined, the proper Impression Plus water softener can be sized for you.  A water softener will supply you with many years of clear, soft water.

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