Your drinking water can be unsafe to drink if bacteria is present in it. Bacteria are microorganisms capable of causing disease, particularly those of fecal origin, to humans through drinking water. Coliform is bacteria naturally present in the environment and indicates that harmful bacteria are present. E. Coli is bacteria that indicate water that is contaminated by human or animal waste.

These are the two types of bacteria that are found in drinking water. Drinking water with Coliform or E. Coli bacteria in it can cause cramps, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, and more. They may also cause a greater risk for people with weak immune systems, elderly, young children, infants, and pregnant women. There are many ways to treat bacteria in drinking water. Many require the use of chemicals. The simplest way to treat bacteria is with the use of an Ultraviolet Light, which kills the microorganisms in drinking water.

Funks Klear Water can perform a Bacteria Water Test on your water to determine if it is safe to drink. If bacteria are found in your drinking water, it can be treated with Ultraviolet Light.

Funks Klear Water can install an ATS GDS Series, or an ATS Purificare Ultraviolet Light. They can also disinfect your plumbing system so that you are getting bacteria free drinking water from your spigots. Contact Funks Klear Water with any questions you have or to schedule a Bacteria Water Test.

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